8-14 May 2022



Between the 9tl‘ and the 13t” of May, The Secondary School of Certeju de Sus took part in the fifth mobility of the Erasmus+ Project „Together against disciimination”, in Acquaviva delle Fonti, Italy. A group of three teachers and six students set off from Timisoara to Bari, Italy. We arrived in the morning of May, 7, and from Bari we were transferred with a minibus to the hotel, in Acquaviva delle Fonti. We spent the days of Saturday and Sunday exploring the beauty of the place.

The theme of the activities was: „ C5 — Promoting equality”, which took place as follows:

  1. 09.05.2022

At 9 am we went to school and attended the opening ceremony of the Erasmus week. Bulgaiian, Romanian and Italian students presented their thematic power point presentation

and we paiticipated to four woikshops: “Let’s exp1oi‘e Europe”, “Sign language- promoting the equality of people with different physical characteristics (deafness)”, “Body Percussion, the art of producing sounds with the body” and “Tarantella- typical Apulian dance”.

In the second part of the day we visited the city of Acquaviva and we also had a meeting with the mayor of the city.

  1. 10.05.2022

Tuesday was dedicated to an educational visit in in the cities of Lecce, in Solento region and Otranto, on the shore of the Adriatic sea.

III.       11.05.2022

On the third day of the mobility, the Turkish and Spanish students presented their works on the theme ”Causes and consequences of discriminatory treatment and good practices to promote equality”. The presentation was followed by a workshop: ”Piomoting the equality: creative writing and video making”.

In the afternoon we visited Matera, European Capital of Culture in 2009, UNESCO World Heritage Site. The day ended with a dinner that we had together.

  1. 12.05.2022

On the fourth day we went on an educational trip to Albeiobello- Polignano and Bari.

  1. 13.05.2022

The last day of the week was dedicated to some school activities among which: a workshop and a competition where we realised a poster on the theme ”Promoting equality”, an official meeting of the partner teachers, a group work with the theme ”Exploring Italy”, and an activity which required each team to realise a video on the theme of the mobility.

The day ended with the farewall dinner and the granting of the attendance certificates.

The project received funding from the EuFopean Union.

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