20-27 March 2022


Between 21st – 25th of March 2022, the Secondary School of Ceteju de Sus was host for four partner schools in the Erasmus+ European Project: Italy (virtual attendance), Turkey, Spain and Bulgaria. The theme of the activities was , C4 – (Re)act against bullying and hate speech”, activities that took place as follows: 


The day opened with a welcome ceremony, followed by a tour around school. Then, both students and teachers involved in an activity, called „Catch the ball of thread” whose main purpose was to introduce ourselves and make acquaintance. The web that we got at the end of the activity was a symbol of unity and cooperation between the partners of the team. The day ended with a welcome dinner. 


We started the day with a workshop „Memories from Romania”, where each participant in the mobility painted a polystyren model of our country. 

The Tukish and Spanish students presented their videos on the theme of the project „(Re)act against bullying and hate speech: Strategies to prevent violence in your school”. For the next activity, students were presented different situations of bullying and discrimination and they had to choose the way in which they would react to these problems. They had four options: report, react, ignore, something else. 

The second day of the Erasmus+ mobility ended with a visit to the Fortress of Deva. 


Active, creative and cooperative, that is how the third day could be defined. All students realised thematic posters, in which they left their mark on the acquired knowledge about discrimination. 

Meanwhile, the teachers had an official meeting in which they discussed both about what has been so far and what is left to be done, and about the next mobility, the last one, which will take place in May in Italy. 

Then, the Bulgarian and Italian students (virtual attendance) presented their videos, followed by an open, group debate. 

Our guests were presented a traditional Romanian music performance, organized by the mayor of our commune and which took place at the Community Center in Certeju de Sus. They had the opportunity to enjoy our local folklore music and to learn some dance steps. The last activity was a recreational visit at Giardini di Zoe in Chimindia and a walk in the 

Arboretum Park of Simeria, where they were fascinated by the spectacle of nature. 


The fourth day of the mobility was marked by history with a visit to the Corvin Castle in Hunedoara. They had the opportunity to travel back in time, in the 15th century, being suprised by the architecture and the legend of the castle. 

The evening proved an impressive one, with emotions and joy, culminating with a farewell party, where we all danced and sang. 


The Silver Wood of Săcărâmb proved an ozone therapy centre for all of us: students and teachers alike. 

Returned to school, our students performed a theatre play in which they transposed the social cases of some students, judged in a courtroom. The feed-back consisted in an activity called „The thinking hats”. Each country chose a coloured hat: black, green, red, or yellow, each of them representing an action of the previous activity. Inside the hat they had some questions and they had to find answers to them in group.

We ended the week remembering the most beautiful moments, saying „goodbye” with tears in our eyes, because after four mobilities we became friends, both the students and the teachers.