11-18 December 2021

Erasmus+ KA229 Programme School Exchange Partnershipsfor Exchange of Good Practices
Project Number: 2019-1-IT02-KA229-063323
Activity Type: Short-term-exchanges of groups of pupils
PROGRAMME: C2 LTTA in Sagunt/SPAIN [13.12.2021-16.12.2021]

 In this second mobility, 6 students and 2 teachers from Romania, 6 students and 2 teachers from Turkey, 5 students and 3 teachers from Bulgaria and 3 teachers from Italy visited Sagunt and took part in the different activities developed during the 5 working days of the week.

 On Monday morning our fellow students and teachers were welcomed by our school principal and were told the CoVid measures that applied in our territory. We then conducted some warm-up activities to get to know each other a little bit. Then it was time to walk around school and know its different areas. During break time, some of our colleagues explained the activities we develop at our yard for students to enjoy their free time far from mobile phones helping them engage in new hobbies like, dancing, reading or playing chess. After the break it was time to go to the Sagunt City Hall where the mayor welcomed our visitors and spoke about the importance of the Erasmus+ programme. After lunch we had time for a sightseeing tour around the city after which we headed back to Valencia with the bus.

 Tuesday was mainly dedicated to outdoor activities in Valencia. First we visited the most important monuments around the city centre and then we had some cohesion activities in the old river bed. It was time, then, for lunch, which was arranged by each group. Tuesday afternoon was free-time so that all countries could enjoy the city.

 The third day of our mobility we headed back to school to share the different projects and presentations our students had prepared. All the teams exposed different aspects of  “prejudices and stereotypes”, ranging from working conditions to religious issues. We also got to know all our mother schools better, thanks to videos, photos and presentations all teams had created to make possible that all partners would know how schools and their environment look like. 

 After a snack break we went back to work and continued showing the presentations on the topic we had chosen (prejudices and stereotypes). Before lunch we could enjoy the performance of Clot del Moro Performing Arts students. Their performance was connected to individual freedom, denouncing the lack of freedom in some countries and crying for an improvement.

 On Thursday we finished our presentations and divided the group into teachers and students. Students participated in a couple workshops to learn how to decorate traditional valencian pottery and teachers met for most of the morning until lunch time. During that meeting we arranged dates for the following mobilities and established a full calendar on the tasks that needed to be completed before the end of our project. Later on, after having lunch at school we went to the Sagunt city centre to visit its most important monuments and learn more about the history of the city. In the evening we met in Valencia for a farewell dinner.

 Friday morning we met in Valencia to walk around the “City of Arts and Sciences” and we participated at a Gymkhana that was organised by some teachers from our High School in Sagunt. After visiting the “Museu Faller ” (a museum dedicated to the origins and development of Fallas, our main festival in Valencia) we headed for our final lunch.

 It was an intense week of work and experiences with all teachers and students acknowledging that their understanding of different social situations had improved while better understanding how prejudices work in daily life.