3-9 November 2019

We are so happy to start our Erasmus+ project with the number 2019-1-IT02-KA229-063323 Together Against Discrimantion. 5 different countries are participated In this project. Italy is a coordinator and partner countries are Turkey, Romania, Spain and Bulgaria.

First mobility is in Turkey, Sultanahmet Suphi Paşa Technical High School. All partners meet in İstanbul on 03-09 November 2019.

For the firs mobility main topic was “C1 – Dealing with violence and discrimination issues in schools – comparative study” All the activities were about violence, discrimation issues and partner schools prepared some presentation about how their students act for this topic.

Because of the first meeting we present all the school information, atmosphere of school, culture, background of students and families, knowledge of teachers about violence.

In the weekly programme we organized many different activities about violence and discrimantion.

We visited to National Education Directorate and share the information about projects and our partners met with the director.
All schools present a school presentation. Students met with each other and they play some games to know more about each other.

All schools shared their power point to present problems of violence, bullying, and discrimination in own school.

In afternoon all schools present their “Results of Bullying, Violence and Discrimination Questionnaire”

In teachers meeting we discussed about the project- expectations, roles, tasks, international meeting dates, number of travellers/ country, social media usage.

At the same time students have activity about wristband with some keyword about dicrimation and violence. They made wristbands with choosing letters and shared with each other.

All partners and students with a big group of Erasmus+ participants we visited the Dialogue Museum Dialogue in The Dark and Silence. This museum is a very special for improving empathy.
In afternoon we had a Logo Competiton to choose project logo. All logos create by students and all country vote the logos. And logo from Turkey won which was created by Turkish student Kaan Bozkurt.

In the last day of LTTA1 all participates of project met at the school garden and they paint the wall with figures about dicrimantion and name of project.
We also had a teachers meeting to talk about LTTA2 in Spain to organise work, activities and presentation.

During the week students, teachers and host families were very gratefull.
Happy to know each other.
See you in Spain.